About Us

At a Glance

Established in March 2019, Mitbana (ミツ バナ ) is a joint venture company of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) from Japan, and Surbana Jurong (SJ) from Singapore. Recognising the vast opportunities offered by a rapidly urbanising population in Asia, Mitbana was formed to champion urban development projects in ASEAN. The partnership synergises MC’s financial experience in real estate investments and SJ’s technical capabilities in urban & infrastructure planning, with an aim of crowding-in urgently needed capital to catalyse urban developments across Asia.

Mitbana’s investment mandate covers the following sectors:

  1. Transit-oriented developments;
  2. Township developments; and
  3. Urban-related infrastructure associated with these developments.

Mitbana’s (ミツ バナ ) name (pronounced “Mit-bana” in English, or “Mitsu-bana” in Japanese) is derived from combining the names of the company’s shareholders. The meaning behind Mitbana’s logo is encapsulated in the following infographic:

mitbanalogo explanation m

Mitbana’s logo is inspired by MC’s corporate logo
and comprises 3 diamond-shaped petals fashioned in the shape of a
blossoming flower symbolising fortune & prosperity

The Red Dot at the centre of the logo represents the joint identity
of Singapore & Japan, and connotes our passion & desire to bring
to bear the best of our countries’ expertise in our investments

Blue is SJ’s corporate colour-
the 3 different shades from left to right represent:
(1) stability of our MC / SJ joint venture partnership;
(2) trust that we will preserve the interests of all our stakeholders; and
(3) integrity in all our affairs

mitbanalogo explanation 1600

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To be a leading urban development fund platform that transforms communities through innovative investment solutions

Our Mission

To create value for our stakeholders by:

  • Curating sustainable and scalable urban investments
  • Creating innovative urban financing solutions
  • Collaborating with best-in-class partners to deliver quality urban developments